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Our Story

When Michele Callisto moved to New York in the 1980s to build his landscaping business, his love of wine never faded.

To pursue his passion, he started buying juice and handcrafting wines in his home, but he still longed to have his own vineyard, he dreamed of days spent among the vines nurturing their fruit.

After his children had grown, it was time to find land of his own and begin the fruitful pursuit of creating a farm winery and vineyard built on the heritage and tradition of his native southern Italy. In 2016, he purchased a 56-acre property in Middletown, NY located in the heart of the Hudson Valley River region. The land is ideal for cultivating grapes with its east-facing slopes, silt loam, and well-drained soil, all of which contribute to the wine’s distinct characteristics and unique profiles.

michele callisto
rosinas winery

“I’m excited to bring Rosina’s Winery, my family-owned and operated farm winery and vineyard, to the New York Hudson River Region. We use an Italian-style wine-making process to create great local wines. You will taste the love and passion we blend into all our wines.


We encourage all wine aficionados to visit us at Rosina’s Winery, a place where everyone is family.”

rosinas vineyard

Rosina’s Winery began by planting 2000 roots on terraced slopes, using grafting practices of old-world vines.

Through consultation with Cornell’s Extension program, the vineyard has flourished. Today, we have over 8000 vines in production. We are proud to be growing the first Barbera and Syrah varietals in the Hudson Valley.

Our grapes are tended and harvested by hand. We nurture the fruit through every step in the process to its final form of exquisite wine.

During the land's cultivation, the farm also grew. 

Rosina’s Winery hosts chickens, pigs, sheep, and goats. They contribute to the land's sustainability and daily operations. To preserve authentic and traditional practices, the sheep graze in the vineyard in the offseason. The chickens produce fresh eggs all year long which are available for sale and the other animals provide enjoyment while walking the vineyard and later are used to produce homemade specialty Italian meats and delicacies which we hope to one day offer with our wine tastings. The addition of two ponds, barns, and other infrastructure pave the way for future endeavors including an event space and tasting room.

michele callisto rosinas wines

Michele has poured every ounce of energy, passion, and knowledge into the growth and development of Rosina’s Winery. By planting strong roots in the land, he knows Rosina’s Winery will be a place for family, celebrations, and of course, beautiful wines.


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